Monday, July 2, 2012


New beginnings. New Blog.

Welcome back to those who were daily readers of my old blog which shall remain nameless hence forth. Greetings and hello to those who have stumbled on this blog for one reason or another.

Here will be the digital ramblings of a mid 20s gay man whom will make every honest effort to keep readers coming back for more. My last blog was a little no holds barred. There were no limits on discussion points. My anonymity perhaps fueled that design. But here, you will all get to know me. With great power, comes great responsibility. My power lays within my fingertips typing ever so feverishly on my Dell keyboard. With time, I will bestow my vast knowledge of all things politics, sexuality, religion, music, pop culture, and possibly most importantly....myself and my life.

Please let me warn you, incorrectly used grammar will be present and I may even throw in some extra commas where my brain believes they belong. Although my writings skills may lack the very thing I aspire for it to have, you know actual skills. Ill try to be as poignant as possible and I can guarantee that I will always be sincere and convicted with what I write.

Welcome to We Carry the Fire.


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